About me

Professional Life

Long time developer, mainly focused on API development in Java. Later on I became full stack by adding JavaScript. I love working with cloud (in my case it’s AWS). Later on I became Technical Lead for couple of years and recently CTO. I also used to enjoy tinkering with Objective-C and Swift.


I like messing with OS. I used to love Windows 2000. Decent looking OS, games worked on it nicely. Then I moved to Linux, but didn’t stay long at it. I wanted to have a laptop that works out of the box. So I bought my first MacBook Pro (2007). Very solid piece of hardware, sadly no longer working. During 2021 I got fed up by Apple’s direction with their software and hardware quality and went to FreeBSD. So far I feel happy there with my refurbished ThinkPad T470.

I love playing baroque music. And a bit of renaissance music as well. I used to be a flute player for many years. I played on modern flute and I used to be a member of a marching band for couple of years. Then I switched to baroque flute and never looked again. After couple of years on baroque flute, I started playing on viola da gamba (English: bass viol) and kind of started neglecting flute. The viol takes so much time and effort and it’s also so sophisticated that flute can’t simply compete any more.

I also love horse riding. I think horses are amazing mentors, if one is able to listen to them. And that is hard. They are like a mirror, unforgivable and sometimes harsh. But they are also amazing characters, sometimes jolly, sometimes sad and often moody like me. I love that. And they all require absolute concentration, strong leadership and kind approach.